Ceviche pairings

We still recommended dishes and Pastry Cooking School, Land Soup For Today ...: Salmon ceviche with pineapple and avocado old style mustard, to enjoy this dish, We need the following ingredients:

1 Salmon supreme
1 piece of fresh pineapple
1 lima
Olive oil
A pinch of chopped cilantro
A pinch of chopped parsley
A C. S. red pepper in brunoise
1 C.S. green pepper brunoise
1 C.S. green onions
1 avocado
Some sweet corn
Old style mustard
Salt and pepper


Cut the salmon supreme (frozen) in long slices, seasoning and marinate in lime dressing, pineapple juice, olive oil and mustard dressing for one hour.

Cut avocado attractively, vegetables in brunoise and set aside for the pass. Chop the cilantro and parsley.

Mount the plate considering combining all ingredients, reserve the dressing decorate as salsa, sprinkle with chopped cilantro and parsley.

Once the "Salmon Ceviche" ready to serve, we must not forget the option of a good wine for an ideal pairing ... For this dish we recommend different options aged white wine for an ideal pairing:

Came: Rita
Bodega: Domenech vineyards

Came: Pic
Bodega: SolerGibert

Came: Gramona Xarel·lo Font Jui
Bodega: Gramona

Came: Auzells
Bodega: Thomas Cusin

Came: Blanc wrong
Bodega: Vineyards Olivardots