Wine and cava are part of Catalan history. Each glass preserves a small part of the past, That is why wine tourism in Catalonia is much more than tasting wines: enjoy the experience of sipping next to the vineyard, sleeping in a warehouse, to do a wine therapy treatment or stroll through the vineyards in a burricleta or in a segway. When you get a glass of wine, all the memories will come to mind.

12 DO, 12 ways of understanding life in the territory
Wine tourism in Catalonia has many faces, since it is a land of contrasts: the agricultural landscape of the Priorat, where the orography in llicorella terraces makes it necessary to cultivate small properties and makes the wine have that peculiar flavor; the vineyards by the sea twisted by the north wind of the DO Empordà; grapes grown to 1.000 meters in the Ruta del Vi de Lleida; or the Bages vineyards, protected by the strength of Montserrat. exist 11 designations of origin for wine and 1 Seahorse: There are twelve ways to understand life within a territory, marked by the landscape.

Wine to discover the culture and heritage
You can also get to know the Catalan architectural and cultural heritage through wine tourism. Have you heard of the cathedrals of wine? The writer Àngel Guimerà named them this way because of their majesty and architectural similarity to religious temples. They are wineries designed by some of the most relevant artists of Catalan Modernism.

Plan tailor-made wine tourism getaways.

It is your turn to taste the landscape of Catalonia in a glass.