The wine in the world: Italy produces the most, Which sells Spain and the US where they drink

Four countries produce half of all wine in the world and five countries most drunk. Italy, France, Spain and the United States led in 2017 world production. In the list of the main consumers, besides Italy, France and the US are Germany and China. Spain is in seventh place. The data come from the International Organization of Vine and Wine (OIV), which reported Tuesday in Paris. Last year data are pending confirmation estimates.

They occurred in the world 250 million hectoliters of wine in 2017, a 8,4% less than the previous year. The OIV attributed the figure to adverse weather conditions affecting production especially in Europe. Italy stands as the largest producer of wine in the world. Proportionally, the biggest decline among the major producers was in Spain (a 19,8% less) and the greatest increase, in Argentina (25,5% plus).

They engaged in the world 7,6 million hectares vineyard area. A 13% It is in Spain, the largest vineyard area of ​​a single country. China still, France, Italy and Turkey. The OIV review a decrease in European vineyards, Turkish and Iranian, and an increase in Chinese.