Sommelier Gourmet is a solution designed, projected and distributed by Seuba & Paris S.A., a company with more than 25 years of proven experience in providing technological and industrial solutions for various professional sectors.

With excellent results, We are experts in advising and strategizing to provide an original and practical value in each of our jobs. The combination of these strategies and the business approach allow us to make appropriate diagnoses at appropriate times.

Sommelier Gourmet deepens the knowledge of the world of wine, on the slopes of the marriage of gourmet dishes with wines from different appellations of origin, certain wine pairings with dishes gourmets, knowledge of varietals, styles of wine, aromas and sensations in the mouth.

Sommelier Gourmet selects and recommends quality and suitability criteria more harmonious the best wines in every style of wine with gourmet dish chosen, establishing a brand ranking of the best wineries or cellers in our database. Sommelier Gourmet solves the problem of not finding the wine recommended at the restaurant, by selecting similar wines, easy to find another wine very similar characteristics to initially recommended.

We are lovers of travel, gastronomy and of course good wines!