Sommelier Gourmet wonton cannelloni pasta with mushrooms and pate

We still recommended dishes and Pastry Cooking School, Land Soup For Today ...: CANELONES PASTA WITH MUSHROOMS AND PATE WONTON, to enjoy this dish, We need the following ingredients:

• 1 Package wonton dough

• 2 medium spring onions

• 300 grams of mushrooms

• 100 grams of cream 35 % shortening

• 100 grams of pâté

• 350 g bechamel

• grated cheese

• pinions (optional )

• accepted olive


Put into the pan and add olive oil, scallions cut into brunoise (very tiny) and fry over low heat a few 5 minutes or until clear.

Once poached add the mushrooms clean and chopped, and fry until they lose all the water.

Next we add the pate and integrate in the preparation, add a stroke of cognac to flambé and cream (milk cream) and let reduce until thickened. Remove from heat and wait for it to cool slightly before filling the cannelloni.

For pasta wonton

In a pan of boiling water we toss the pulp at a time 4 seconds, remove, chilled and escurrimos, and reserve to fill wet rag

For the bechamel

Melt the butter over low heat, Add the flour, stirring with whisk boil it two to three minutes to obtain a light roux. Incorporating milk and bring to a boil. When the sauce begins to boil, reduce heat and cook 10 minutes stirring frequently, add salt and pepper and set aside.


We filled wafers, napamos with bechamel, We incorporate cheese and pine nuts and gratinamos to 200grados for 10 minutes.

Once the CANELONES PASTA WITH MUSHROOMS AND PATE WONTON, ready to serve, we must not forget the option of a good wine for an ideal pairing ... For this dish three choices of white wine aging we recommend ...

1. Came: Finca Corners

Bodega: Tomas Cusine

DO: Costers del Segre

Varietales: Macabeo, Albariño

2. Came: mother Blanco

Bodega: mother

DO: Rioja

Varietales: Macabeo, Malmsey

3. Came: 1583 Albariño Fefiñanes

Bodega: Fefiñanes

DO: Rias Baixas

Varietales: Albariño